What’s new in LRKeys v2 Basic

  1. The default key map has been updated:

Since the release of LRKeys V1, Lightroom added Dehaze, then also Texture. These is now available in LRKeys Basic. Added Texture (B/N), and Dehaze (. and /). Added the missing existing controls for Vibrance (Q/W) and Saturation (E/R).

  1. Bypass LRKeys is now on Alt+Esc

Moved Bypass/Re-activate LRKeys to Alt+Esc.

  1. Use Shift for large adjustments and Ctrl for small adjustments in default mappings

Normal key presses change +-3, a moderate amount. Shift makes large changes, +-20, while Ctrl allows for fine tuning, with changes of +-0.5.

  1. Use Alt to bypass LRKeys and access default Lightroom shortcuts

Where LRKeys mappings have masked useful existing Lightroom keyboard shortcuts, these have been remapped to Alt+key in LRKeys. So for example, the R key usually jumps to the Crop & Straighten panel. But in LRKeys, the R key now changes Saturation. By pressing Alt+R within LRKeys, you will jump to the Crop & Straighten panel, without having to Bypass LRKeys, then re-enable it (using Alt+Esc).

A number of other useful Lightroom keyboard shortcuts have been remapped to Ctrl+Altl+key within LRKeys. You can see these listed in the LRKeys main screen.

  1. Simplified menu and menu bar buttons

Duplicate buttons and deprecated features removed. Fonts adjusted to make the important “Start LRKeys plug-in” button more prominent.

  1. Easier to free up license keys for re-use

Renamed this feature Help | Free up used license keys, and added it to the menu even when this instance of LRKeys is not registered. So you no longer need to contact me if you move computers and want to re-use your existing license keys on the newly installed LRKeys!

  1. Improved display of key map in LRKeys main screen

The design of the main LRKeys screen has had an overhaul to bring it in line with LRKeys Pro. This screen shows your key map graphically.

Also moved the screen displaying all the Lightroom default keyboard shortcuts to Help | View Lightroom Defaults.