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Introduction to LRKeys v2

LRKeys v2 is based on feedback from many users and many hours’ use processing photos from real weddings, events and portrait sessions. There are dozens of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

The most common request for LRKeys v2 Pro was to make LRKeys more robust. For some users, there seemed to be an issue with losing the file storing their custom key mappings. This was understandably very frustrating! So LRKeys v2 Pro has moved away from storing multiple mappings in one ini file, and now stores each set of key mappings in its own “.lrk” file. Plus these files can be saved to and loaded from anywhere on your file system. By default, this is in “My Documents”. This should be completely stable, and is much easier for you to find to back up your files.

The dozen or so default key mappings that came with LRKeys v1 Pro have been converted to individual .lrk files, and can be found in the “Default key maps” folder.

If you are an existing user of LRKeys v1 Pro, and you created your own custom key maps, there is a utility to convert these to the new format.

There are also useful links to the Most Recently Used mappings, and you can create a set of your Favourite mappings. These Favourites can then be used in Macros. Indeed, LRKeys v2 Pro is installed with the four most popular key maps ready-defined as Favourites, and with their own custom shortcut keys.

More to come on Macros, new exposure controls and default key mappings, and many other new features…