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Introduction to LRKeys v2 for Motibodo users

This is the new member of the LRKeys family. It shares a lot with LRKeys v2 Basic, but the keyboard shortcuts match as closely as possible to the ones used by Motibodo.

Motibodo is a popular keyboard shortcut application for Lightroom on Apple Macs. It used to be available for Windows PCs, but not any longer. For Windows users who have got used to the Motibodo mappings and want to make use of that “muscle memory”, this is the perfect solution.

In consultation with existing Motibodo users, as many mappings as possible have been configured within LRKeys.

Plus, the new exposure controls of Dehaze and Texture have been added. In LRKeys, Dehaze is mapped to the E/R keys, and Texture to Shift+T/Shift Y.

Also, as in LRkeys v2 Basic, where LRKeys v2 Motibodo mappings have masked useful existing Lightroom keyboard shortcuts, these have been remapped to Alt+key in LRKeysM. So for example, the R key usually jumps to the Crop & Straighten panel. But in LRKeys2M, the R key now changes Dehaze. By pressing Alt+R within LRKeys2M, you will jump to the Crop & Straighten panel.

More to come on changes affecting all three versions of LRKeys v2…