Features and Prices

FeaturesBasicM (for Motibodo users)Pro
10 vital Basic Develop actions
Paste "Previous", show clipping, and navigation keys
Photo editing speed increase***********
20 customizable Presets accessible from keyboard shortcuts
Number of mapped keys326170
Highly configurable
Visual configuration editor
300+ Advanced Develop actions and keyboard shortcuts
Switch between different mapping sets
Multiple actions from one key press (Macros)
Free trial period21 days21 days21 days
Price for license to install on 2 computers
(e.g. desktop and laptop)
Introductory offer: £35
(usual price £49)

Upgrade from v1 £10
Introductory offer: £45
(usual price £59)
Introductory offer: £75
(usual price £99)

Upgrade from v1 £25