LRKeys v2

LRKeys v2 is more robust, and includes many new features. These installation files will install LRKeys v2 to run alongside an existing LRKeys v1 installation. There is a 21-day evaluation period, if you have not previously installed LRKeys v2.

There are now three versions of LRKeys with the addition of LRKeys v2 for Motibodo users.

NOTE: Your web browser may give you a warning that this file is not trusted because it is not often downloaded. You can safely right click on the file and choose “Keep”, or similar option.

NOTE: These files have been virus checked by, which includes 70 different virus checkers. Nearly all give it the all clear, but crucially Windows Defender sometimes flags LRKeys2Pro as suspected of including the trojan called “Wacatac”. I have raised this issue with Microsoft and they have flagged these files as safe, but this may take some time to ripple out to all Windows Defender installations.

LRKeys v2 Pro adds:

  • Over 350 extra actions, including default keyboard shortcuts and Develop sliders
  • 20 customizable Presets
  • Map actions to 25 extra keys, or your mouse
  • Macros, with multiple actions triggered by a single key press
  • and much more

LRKeys v2.1 Pro adds:

  • Exposure, Highlights etc keyboard shortcuts now work on the Library screens as well!
  • Choose either LRKeys Default or Motibodo layout for editing on Library screens
  • New actions to apply Crop Ratios from a keyboard shortcut (plus other missing Motibodo mappings)
  • New shortcut to Red Eye Correction
  • New shortcuts for Brush Presets and Brush Effect Amount
  • Create Collections now moves new Collections into new Collection Sets for you
  • Bug fixes and optimisations

What’s new in LRKeys v2.1 Pro

Download LRKeys v2.1 Pro

LRKeys v2.1 for Motibodo users

LRKeys2M aims to provide a set of key mappings which will be familiar to existing users of Motibodo, which is now only available on Apple Mac

Now includes keyboard shortcuts for two crop ratios, and a number of other keyboard mappings missing from v2.0. See the “What’s new” file for details…

What’s new in LRKeys v2 for Motibodo users

Download LRKeys v2 for Motibodo users

LRKeys v2 Basic

LRKeysBasic implements thirteen essential Basic Develop key mappings for Lightroom Classic CC and Windows, including Temperature, Exposure, Highlights, Texture, Dehaze, Clarity and more. Plus navigation keys and copy Previous settings, right at your fingertips. 21-day free trial. Go to to buy a license key.

What’s new in LRKeys v2 Basic

Download LRKeys v2 Basic

Previous versions of LRKeys

For existing users, previous versions of LRKeys are available here