Default Lightroom keyboard shortcuts

Esc F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 F6 F7 F8 F9 F10 F11 F12
Shift Secondary Display Full Screen
Online Help Toggle Module Picker Toggle Filmstrip Toggle Left Panel Toggle Right Panel Toggle Secondary Display
Alt Exit Lightroom
Ctrl Shift Secondary Display Preview
` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 = Backspace
Shift Rate 1 and move to next Rate 2 and move to next Rate 3 and move to next Rate 4 and move to next Rate 5 and move to next Toggle Red Label and move to next Toggle Yellow Label and move to next Toggle Green Label and move to next Toggle Blue Label and move to next Rate 0 and move to next
Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 4 Rate 5 Toggle Red Label Toggle Yellow Label Toggle Green Label Toggle Blue Label
Ctrl Zoom out four steps Zoom in four steps
Ctrl Alt Go to Map module Go to Book module Go to Slideshow module Go to Web module Zoom out all steps Zoom in all steps
Tab Q W E R T Y U I O P [ ] Enter
Shift Spot Removal – Toggle Clone/Heal Secondary Display – Loupe – Normal Go to Reference View Go to Guided Upright Tool Before and After split screen Cycle Overlay color/orientation Flag as Pick and move to next
Go to Spot Removal tool Go to White Balance tool Go to Library Loupe mode Go to Crop tool Toggle Toolbar Before and After left and right Remove Flag Cycle Info overlay Cycle Mask/Crop Overlays Flag as Pick Decrease Rating/Brush size Increase Rating/Brush size
Ctrl Quit Lightroom Edit in Photoshop Show in Explorer Redo edit Auto Tone Toggle Info overlay Open Catalog Go to Print module Decrease Rating/Brush feathering/Rotate Left Increase Rating/Brush feathering/Rotate Right
Alt Before and After top/bottom
Ctrl Shift Export file(s) Reset All Settings Auto WhiteBalance Print Setup
Ctrl Alt Edit in other application Reset Crop Choose Grid Overlay PNG
Ctrl Alt Shift Export file(s) with previous Crop As Shot Tone Curve Targeted Adjustment Tool
CapsLock A S D F G H J K L ;
Shift Crop to previous Aspect Ratio Soft Proofing Destination Gamut Warning Cycle Screen modes Secondary Display – Grid mode Previous Lights Out mode
Toggle Aspect Ratio Lock/Auto Mask/Spot visualization Toggle Soft Proofing Go to Develop module Full screen Preview Go to Library Grid mode Toggle Pins Toggle Clipping Go to Adjustment Brush Next Lights Out mode Reset Exposure Invert mask
Ctrl Select All Select None Group into Stack Create HDR with dialog Develop view Options Library Filters On/Off Create Virtual Copy
Ctrl Shift Select only Most Selected photo Full Screen with panels closed Unstack Create HDR no dialog Go to Lights Dim mode
Ctrl Alt Select Flagged photos Sync Settings no dialog Go to Normal Screen mode
Ctrl Alt Shift Saturation Targeted Adjustment Tool Deselect Unflagged photos BW Mix Targeted Adjustment Tool Hue Targeted Adjustment Tool Luminance Targeted Adjustment Tool
Shift key Z X C V B N M , . / Shift key
Shift Secondary Screen – Toggle Filter View Set as Rejected and move to next Secondary Screen – Compare View Toggle photo in Quick/Target Collection and move to next Secondary Screen – Survey View Go to Radial Filter
Toggle Before/After Toggle Zoom Set as Rejected/Rotate Crop Go to Library Compare mode Toggle Black and White Toggle photo in Quick/Target Collection Go to Library Survey mode Go to Graduated Filter Switch Brush A/B/Select new Spot source/Deselect Most Highlighted
Ctrl Undo last action Copy settings Show Quick/Target Collection and back Create new Snapshot Open Preferences Show Current Module Shortcuts
Ctrl Shift Copy settings with dialog Paste settings Create new Folder
Ctrl Alt Previous photo settings Save Quick Collection to named Collection Open Catalog Settings Show Current Module Help
Ctrl key Win key Alt key Space Alt key Ctrl key
Toggle Zoom
  Insert Home Page Up   NumLock Numpad / Numpad * Numpad –
  Delete End Page Down   Numpad 7 Numpad 8 Numpad 9 Numpad + Shifted: Numpad Home Numpad Up Numpad PgUp
  Delete selected photo(s)                      
          Numpad 4 Numpad 5 Numpad 6   Shifted: Numpad Left Numpad Clear Numpad Right
    Up     Numpad 1 Numpad 2 Numpad 3   Shifted: Numpad End Numpad Down Numpad PgDn
Ctrl   Increase Flag status                    
Ctrl Shift   Increase Flag status and move to next                    
Ctrl Alt   Go to previous module                    
Ctrl Alt Shift   Swap Before and After settings                    
  Left Down Right   Numpad 0   Numpad . Numpad Enter Shifted: Numpad Ins   Numpad Del
  Previous   Next                  
Ctrl Previous Photo Decrease Flag status Next Photo                  
Ctrl Shift   Decrease Flag status and move to next                    
Ctrl Alt Go back one module   Go forward one module                  
Ctrl Alt Shift Copy Before’s settings to After                      
  Middle mouse Wheel Up Wheel Down